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The House Laurent-Perrier is honored and delighted to have signed Mr. Morgan Freeman to advertise Grand Siecle, its most luxurious cuvée.
The House Laurent-Perrier is honored and delighted to have signed Mr. Morgan Freeman to advertise Grand Siecle, its most luxurious cuvée.

At Laurent-Perrier, we're different from the rest, or at least we're perceived to be. It took a lot more time, effort...

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How to buy Champagne with cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum...
How to buy Champagne with cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum...

Recently, e-commerce site took the innovative step of accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment...

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How to uncork a bottle of champagne like a professional: complete guide
How to uncork a bottle of champagne like a professional: complete guide

Uncorking a bottle of champagne may seem intimidating, but with the right techniques, it becomes child's play. In...

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The Best Champagnes to Celebrate Christmas with Elegance and Festivity
The Best Champagnes to Celebrate Christmas with Elegance and Festivity

Christmas is a magical time of year when we celebrate with family and friends. And what better way to celebrate than...

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Fine de Champagne Cognac
Fine de Champagne Cognac

Fine de Champagne is a top-quality cognac, renowned for its refinement and exceptional taste. Contrary to popular...

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Champagne as a corporate gift, one of the best ways to build lasting business relationships.


Offering a bottle of champagne as a corporate gift is an excellent way to build lasting relationships with your customers and colleagues. Champagne is perceived as a festive, upscale gift that can suit different budgets. It symbolizes celebration andsuccess, making it the perfect gift to thank your customers or partners. Personalizing the bottle with your company's name adds a special touch and helps promote your business.

Why choose champagne as a corporate gift?

There are many advantages to offering a bottle of champagne as a corporate gift. Firstly, champagne is associated with celebration and success, making it an appropriate choice for thanking your customers and employees. What's more, champagne is perceived as a high-end gift, although you can find affordable options for different budgets. By offering champagne, you're showing your customers that you're committed to maintaining a quality relationship with them.

Personalize your gift to promote your company

When giving a bottle of champagne as a corporate gift, personalization is essential to promote your company. You can add your company's name to the bottle's label, enabling your customers to remember you every time they enjoy the champagne. Personalization can also include messages of thanks or best wishes. This attention to detail shows your customers that you've taken the time to choose a gift especially for them.

Choose sustainable champagne producers

These days, more and more consumers are sensitive to environmental issues. By choosing sustainable champagne producers, you show your customers that you share their eco-responsible values. Look for producers who use environmentally-friendly practices, such as organic vine growing and carbon footprint reduction. In this way, you're helping to preserve the environment while offering your customers a quality gift.

Personalized advice from wine experts

At Pépites en Champagne, we're passionate about champagne, and we put our expertise at your service. Our wine professionals have tasted our entire range to offer you personalized advice. We're here to guide you in your choice of champagnes that will perfectly match your expectations and those of your recipients.

Quality and Authenticity Guaranteed

We attach great importance to the quality and authenticity of our champagnes. All our wines are delivered in their original cases, with the exception of repackaging requests and pre-packaged boxes. This guarantee ensures that you will receive the highest quality products, direct from the producers.

A wide choice of formats and customizations

At Pépites en Champagne, we offer the widest and deepest range of bottle formats in Europe. In addition to classic bottles, we also offer magnums and many other original formats. You can also personalize your business gifts by adding an enclosure card or silk-screening the cases with your logo.

The legality of business gifts in Champagne

You may be wondering whether it's legal to offer champagne to your customers to build loyalty. The law regulates business gifts in order to prevent corruption. Business gifts for customers and partners are authorized, provided their value remains reasonable. More prestigious gifts, such as champagne, should be handled with particular care, because if the amount is too high, it no longer qualifies as a deductible expense.

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A unique option: adopting vines

For a truly unique and memorable corporate gift, consider the option of adopting vines from a Champagne estate. This allows your customers to become "owners" of vines for a set period of time, and receive personalized bottles of champagne from those vines. On top of this, they may even have the opportunity to visit the vineyard and learn more about the champagne production process. This authentic, immersive experience is sure to impress your customers and strengthen the bond between them and your company.

How to Choose the Perfect Champagne for Your Business Gifts

Choosing the perfect champagne for your business gifts involves taking into account a number of criteria, such as your budget, the year, the cuvée, the vintage, the type of champagne (brut, extra-brut, doux), as well as theChampagne appellation, which must be clearly indicated on the label. You can also opt for organic champagnes or special, prestigious cuvées for your most important customers.

Fast, careful delivery

At Pépites en Champagne, we're committed to offering you fast, meticulous delivery. We guarantee delivery within 24 hours in France and 72 hours in Europe, with real-time tracking of each parcel. So you can rest assured that your business gifts will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and on time.

Contact Us Now for Your Business Gifts

To create personalized business gifts with exceptional champagnes, contact our team at Pépites en Champagne today. We'll be delighted to help you create your customized gifts. Leave us your contact details and we'll get back to you promptly with an offer perfectly tailored to your needs.


At Pépites en Champagne, specialist in online champagne sales, we offer a range of personalized business gifts for your suppliers, customers and employees. We'll work with you to create a customized offer that meets your expectations, budget and delivery times. Offering a bottle of champagne as a corporate gift is an excellent way to celebrate success and thank your customers and colleagues. By personalizing the gift and choosing sustainable producers, you show your attention to detail and commitment to the environment. For a truly unique experience, adopting vines offers an exceptional opportunity to create lasting bonds with your customers. Don't forget that every bottle of champagne offered is an opportunity to strengthen professional relationships and leave a memorable impression.