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How to choose the right champagne for a birthday party?


It is not every day that you celebrate your birthday, especially when it is linked to a particular date. Champagne can be given as a gift or can accompany a birthday meal and surprise your guests. What is certain is that this effervescent beverage really takes a place of choice for small and large events. With its fine bubbles, it has the power to make every moment magical and unforgettable.

You have a wide choice of champagne on the market to celebrate a birthday. So to help you find the right bottle, we invite you to follow this little guide.

Some criteria to find the right bottle of champagne for a birthday party

It is often difficult to find the right bottle of champagne for a birthday party. It all depends on the birthday in question. Have you decided to celebrate with your lover or with only a few friends or family members? Or do you want to organize a big birthday party and invite all your friends and acquaintances? The answer to these questions will depend on the number of bottles you need and the budget for your birthday champagne.

Champagne according to the birthday meal

The right champagne for a birthday party depends on the menu you have chosen for your guests. In this case, it is advisable to adjust the bottle of champagne with the meal served as for the wedding. However, you may as well opt for a simple aperitif for your birthday instead of a big meal and find the right champagne to match the buffet. In any case, here are some suggestions of champagne bottles that are suitable for all birthday meals:

- The brut champagne: less sweet, it adapts to mini pizzas, mini quiches, tarts, salty macaroons, puff pastries... that we often meet during birthday parties.

- Rosé champagne: its light note leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. It is the champagne for the aperitif.

- White champagne: it is a 100% chardonnay champagne. It is an excellent choice for a birthday meal. It goes very well with white meats and seafood.

- Champagne made with pinot noir: suitable for red meat dishes.

- Sweet champagne: the sweet taste of this vintage adapts to all desserts.

Champagne as a birthday gift

You want to mark your friend's birthday with an original gift? Opt for a nice bottle of champagne with a personalized label. You can write the date of his or her birthday and your feelings for him or her. You can add a more personal touch by putting your photos and a few verses that will remain engraved in his memory forever.

Today, many champagne houses offer this kind of bottle personalization service. They put the name of the recipient and all the information you want to appear on it and there are some who even take care of the delivery. So treat yourself or your loved one to a personalized bottle of champagne! It's always more innovative than a box full of chocolates.

The birthday champagne according to price and quality

Not all bottles of champagne are the same, if only in terms of price and range. Many people choose a champagne according to these criteria to find the best bottle. They think that the more expensive a champagne is, the better it is. This is not always true, but it is not so wrong.

Vintage champagnes like Dom Pérignon always come back in the ranking of the best champagne bottles of the moment. Its price is around 700 €. Only connoisseurs are tempted to buy this high-end champagne. On the other hand, you can find champagnes easily accessible financially and of quality, at small producers in the Champagne region.

A few more options to find the right bottle of champagne for a birthday party

Any idea is good for finding the right bottle of champagne for a birthday party. So here are some other suggestions that will make a birthday party with a bottle of champagne in hand even more authentic.

A birthday champagne according to the year of birth of its recipient

The idea of buying a bottle of champagne that corresponds to your year of birth or the year of birth of its recipient, if you offer it as a gift, is a great idea. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, as champagne is a delicate wine and its preservation requires special attention. Indeed, if champagne is a sparkling wine that can age very well for a long time, it must be kept at a temperature that should not exceed 10 °C. The winemaker or the cellarman must also comply with specific treatments relating to the good maintenance and storage of champagne to preserve its good taste and effervescence.

You can find vintages several decades old at the great champagne houses which have great vintages. Their only defect is that they are expensive. However, you should know that it can be quite difficult to find 30 or 40 year old vintages because the Champagne winemakers only produce such champagnes during the best years.

A birthday champagne according to his personality

You can also offer a bottle of champagne that matches the personality of the recipient. It will be more original and the gesture will surely please your friend.

If the person is eccentric by nature and always looking for new things, give him/her a gift of a little-known vintage that has a subtle taste. Also, brand name bottles of champagne always wow. If you have the budget, go for it! If not, go to an owner-harvester and be guided by their choices. You'll save more money and get a great champagne for your friend's birthday at the same time.

A top-of-the-line champagne for a birthday party

A birthday is an opportunity to outdo yourself, to do something extra. So why not buy a bottle of premium champagnefor once? If you can afford it and want to buy it, do it! Your birthday party will be even more sparkling and iconic.

A winegrower's champagne for a birthday

If you chose to come directly from the estate to get a good winemaker's champagne, you also did well. You'll be able to save money, because the owner-harvested champagne will actually cost less than the one that comes out of the vintages of a big Champagne house. And don't worry, it will taste better too! So the choice is entirely yours.

Champagne for men's birthday

Personalized birthday champagne bottle

Happy birthday bottle of champagne

Personalized engraved bottle

Personalized engraved bottle

personalized champagne moët

Champagne anniversary Woman

personalized champagne gifts

The price of a champagne can vary greatly depending on the brand, the vintage, the rarity of the bottle, etc. The average price of a quality Brut Champagne is between 20 € and 30 €.

Champagne De Sousa, Champagne Piper-Heidsieck, Champagne Deutz, Champagne Bollinger, Champagne Gosset, Champagne Taittinger, Champagne Rare...

RM : harvesting and handling, which, from the grapes of its property, elaborates and markets its champagne under its brand. NM : Handling merchant, who buys the grapes which come to complete his harvest, ensures the elaboration of the champagne in his own premises and markets it.

To offer an elegant champagne, prefer the dominant Chardonnay. For a round and greedy champagne, prefer the Pinot Meunier and finally, the champagne with dominant Pinot Noir will be appreciated for its power and its structure