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Dessert pairings are less easy... Chocolate, for example, is no friend of champagne! Neither are classic cakes, unless you can find a bottle of sweet or semi-dry champagne, as used to be the case. There are, however, a few exceptions: red fruit desserts go quite well with rosé champagne.

In fact, it's certainly not on the dessert that the quality of a cuvée is judged. If there's a lot of sugar in your dessert, you'll need to switch to a semi-dry champagne, but accept the risk of heaviness, especially at the end of a meal when the mouth is already tired. Chocolate desserts are a real challenge, almost impossible to meet unless accompanied by a cuvée of Champagne Millésimé. Dessert is, however, a good time to try the inevitable rosé champagne.

champagne for dessert: a time-honored tradition

Champagne and dessertpairings depend on the sugar content of the champagne. In the 19th century, it was common to drink champagne with dessert. But that's because for a long time, and until recently, champagnes were much more heavily dosed than they are today, and were quite simply ideal for dessert.

More dosed means sweeter, and refers to the practice of dosage, which defines the amount of liqueur added to champagne before shipping. This liqueur is made from wine and sugar, and its dosage defines the different types of champagne.

With dessert, we recommend a demi-sec champagne. Some champagne houses produce extremely successful cuvées that reconcile champagne with dessert. Purists who are reluctant to drink champagnes that are too "sweet" suggest accompanying certain desserts with old vintages of champagne, whose acidity has softened a little and whose nose has evolved towards dried fruit aromas. You can also push the refinement envelope by preparing desserts with champagne: sabayons, sorbets or simply strawberries with champagne.

Champagne dessert

a rosé champagne for aperitifs!

Rosé champagnes have always had a special place in desserts. However, even if this type of champagne shines with fruity desserts, other more fruitful associations can be made:

with a chocolate dessert

A brut or extra brut champagne goes perfectly with chocolate-based desserts. A Krug Vintage 2008, with its notes of citrus and white flowers, goes perfectly with a chocolate-orange mousse or fondant.

with a very sweet dessert

For desserts that turn out to be very sweet, such as crèmes brulées, sabayons, creams and panna cotta, or for viennoiseries, an off-dry champagne will be perfect, like L'Ile by Champagne Delvanne.

with a spiced dessert

For desserts that are a little spicier, such as cinnamon, vanilla or orange blossom, consider serving a Blanc de Noirs champagne. Champagne Henri Giraud's cuvée Hommage au Pinot Noir, with its fruity notes, is an excellent match for spices.

with a fruit dessert

For desserts made with fruit, such as fruit tarts, especially red fruit, rosé champagne is the perfect, timeless pairing. Choose Prestige Rosé from Taittinger, or Rosé from Bollinger.

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