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Food and wine pairing


  • Aperitifs

    food and wine pairing : as an aperitif

    You often hear about food and wine pairing? Let's talk about pairing food and champagnes ! Do you think it's possible to enjoy champagne with your meal? To help you get the most out of your champagne experiences, we're looking at all the possible food and wine pairings.

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  • Inputs

    WINE AND FOOD Pairings: as an appetizer

    If champagne is very often served as an aperitif, or even with dessert (to follow an uninspired tradition...), it rarely accompanies a whole meal However, it is a wine that, not quite like any other, can be happily married to many starters.

    At the table, champagne is distinguished from other wines not by its taste palette (even if champagnes made from pinot noir and/or meunier offer nuances that cannot be detected elsewhere), but by its bubbles, which play an essential role in the pairing.

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  • Dishes

    WINE AND FOOD Pairings : in dishes

    The Blanc de Blancs champagnes will go quite easily with recipes in sauce around fish, seafood, poultry and white meats. Its delicacy will specifically accompany freshwater fish such as trout However, one must remain vigilant because, in the case of a fish with delicate flesh prepared without any particular sauce, the bubbles of the champagne would be too pronounced, even embarrassing.

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  • Cheeses

    WINE AND FOOD Pairings: with cheese

    If beautiful associations between certain cheeses and champagnes exist, the pairing of cheeses and champagnes remains unanchored in our habits. This is not because the associations are not beautiful - they are - but rather because the associations are not strong enough to be anchored.

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  • Dessert

    WINE AND FOOD Pairings : with dessert

    During the Christmas season, many people enjoy eating Yule logs, which are a traditional dessert. Some people enjoy the traditional flavors of citrus and berries, while others prefer the exotic fruit versions. There is even a caramelized Yule log to choose from. Those who choose this treat usually opt to pair it with rosé champagnes, a fruity and floral drink that goes well with all Yule log options.

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