Champagne Carbon

Champagne Carbon is first of all a passionate story between the vine, our soils and the desire to shake up the codes in which I grew up. Carbon represents my first entrepreneurial project. Ambition and innovation have become my two key words. As an actor of a certain evolution in Champagne, I wanted to undertake a new perspective. By seeing things in a big way, I mixed the Champagne tradition with a very distinct dry matter. Today, the different vintages are making a mark and highlighting the new era of the 21st century in Champagne. My childhood memories are precise, tradition, know-how and the desire to go further. Here is Carbon.

The Champagne Carbon house

The Champagne Carbon KNOW-HOW

The great champagnes bearing the name Carbon owe their excellence to the exceptional quality of their grapes. Grandson of the 5th generation of Champagne winemakers from the Devavry Champagne House, Alexandre decided to create his own Champagne House. After more than 4 years of research and development to create the most perfect bottle, Champagne Carbon is launched with the oldest vintages of his grandfather.

Thinking outside the box and staying true to tradition is Carbon's favorite exercise.

Mosaic of terroirs with unique characteristics. Carbon takes care of the three grape varieties that make up Champagne. Grand Cru and Premier Cru for the Chardonnay. Marne Valley for the Pinot Noir, sharing its clay soils with the youngest, the Meunier.

Perfect mastery of traditional techniques, Carbon operates in a meticulous way, between sensitivity and passion of the beings. Each step of the winemaking process counts. The requirement of tradition throughout the process gives the wine its natural soul.

The imprint of Carbon Champagnes

Carbon collects distinctive traits, learning how to achieve the purest expression of our vines, grapes and soils.

First distinction, the oak of the barrels in contact with the air, allowing a natural exchange and preserving the original potential of each wine.

Another distinction is the gentle rotation of the barrels. The movement is done by hand: half or quarter of a turn to detach the lees from the barrel, put them back in suspension and feed the wine with its original sediment. This time spent by the man is called stirring.

Then, to preserve the quality of his wines, Carbon remains patient. Each small bottle is stored in an adapted environment, in the greatest of silences in order to offer an unequalled potential of ageing. Thus the champagnes express themselves freely and share with you all their naturalness.

Carbon wishes to offer you a unique experience, liberating all your senses in a natural way.

With its elegant silhouette, this bottle is covered with a finely worked carbon fiber.