Champagne Henri Giraud

The best champagne brand. Claude Giraud has made his brand an expert in champagne made in champagne barrels. The Japanese love it.

Champagne Henri Giraud
Part of the clear wines of this young brand, launched by Claude Giraud (the Giraud-Hénart family), is made in oak barrels in Argonne, a forest in Champagne. The woodiness marks the range, but has been better controlled in recent vintages, letting the maturity of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the main origin of the grapes, shine through.

Our look at the Henri Giraud Champagne House
Authentic Champagne, seasoned with a wooden table finish. The brand could progress by closing the gap between its entry-level "Esprit.

About Henri Giraud, what is the history of the company?

The House of Champagne Henri Giraud is located in Aÿ, west of Epernay, at the foot of the Reims Mountains. It was created in 1975 by Claude Giraud.

Who is the owner and manager of the house?

The Giraud-Hénart family owns the House of Champagne Henri Giraud. It is held by 12 generations of winemakers, Claude Giraud, since 1993. His son-in-law, Sébastien Le Golvet, owns the cellar.

How is the champagne of the house made?

The vineyard covers 5.67 hectares. The wine is fermented and aged in oak barrels in the Argonne forest, 100 km from Champagne. Fans come from all over the world. The house has signed a partnership with the ONF, where 45,000 oak trees will be planted for 10 years.

What is the house wine style?

Woody champagne. Produces several types of champagne, red and white champagne and ratafias

Identity card of Henri Giraud de Champagne

Owners: Giraud family
Owned area: 15 hectares
Buy grapes: 15 hectares
Number of bottles: 300 000
Cellar master: Claude Giraud

What is the best vintage of the house?