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Located in the heart of Epernay, the House is built on a tiny parcel of Chardonnay called La Croisette, planted by the Leclerc Briant family in the 1960s, a veritable garden that is the source of one of the finest Sélections Parcellaires of the Domaine. In the lower cellars, where time has stopped for more than a kilometer, lies the entire production. At a depth of 35 meters, the conditions are ideal for the prolonged aging of the vintages whose names are listed along the aisles.

The champagne house Leclerc Briant

A range of Champagne in three stages

The range of Leclerc Briant vintages is divided into three phases. The wines destined for the "Classics" range are naturally blended and reveal their personality without any constraints. The "Sélections Parcellaires" fully express the quintessence of their terroir and their year of origin. Finally, the "Specialties" often take side roads to approach original worlds that are always full of emotion.


The House of Leclerc Briant was one of the pioneers of biodynamics in Champagne. At the end of the 1950s, Bertrand Leclerc was the first to bring the emotion of the organic spirit to his estate. The first certifications will be undertaken by his son Pascal, fifth generation. Because a deep respect for nature and terroirs has always prevailed at Leclerc Briant, the entire vineyard is certified organic and biodynamic. In addition, all the vintages marketed are Vegan certified.