"The freshness, finesse and gaiety of Brut Premier are an invitation to

to the party. Its structured structure, richness and length are resolutely

vinous. It is complete, complex, both modern and powerful while remaining a great classic

while remaining a great classic

- Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master



At the beginning of the 1900s, the Louis Roederer estate experienced major disruptions, particularly due to the First World War, which destroyed more than half of the estate. To ensure the continuity of the House during the crisis, Leon Olry Roederer decided to rebuild the vineyard and buy grapes. He also created a multi-vintage wine called Brut Premier, whose taste is consistent regardless of the year of harvest. Today, the Brut Premier is still available and is a testament to Leon's vision during a difficult time.

Coeur climat parcelle Roederer


vallée de la marne Montagne de Reims Roederer


The Brut Premier is a blend of three Champagne grape varieties - pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier - in the proportion of 40:40:20, respectively. Louis Roederer selects wines vinified in oak barrels from different crus to create this champagne. After 3 years of maturation in the cellar, it is further rested for a minimum of 6 months after disgorgement.


The Brut Premier is a blended wine that strikes a perfect balance between youth and maturity, seduction and character, freshness and vinosity. It has a full-bodied and structured texture with an elegant and energetic vibrancy. The wine has a unique, complete, complex, modern and powerful vibe while remaining a classic. Its richness and length are decidedly vinous, making it a perfect choice for Champagne lovers who appreciate the taste of a blended wine.

Grand cru vignoble Roederer
Raisin roederer


"It is a desire for freedom, to push even further the quality of our multi-millimeter blends

that led us to take a new approach: the creation of Collection,

a living champagne, more contemporary than ever!

- Frédéric Rouzaud, Chairman and CEO

Discover the genesis of Collection :

the freedom of style Louis Roederer!



We have taken on a new challenge: to create a collection that will write a new chapter in our history. The current era, climate change and the need for sustainable viticulture to enhance our terroirs, spur us to action.

It is often from adversity and limitations that beautiful works are born. Our Champagne House has embraced this new spirit by renewing our blends, changing our approach to the craft and adapting to the new rhythms of nature. We are committed to always moving forward and evolving.

Roederer feuille de vigne craie
Champagne Collection



La Maison du Vin has made the art of blending its top priority. Each year, they search for the best wine without restriction. They meticulously taste each parcel of wine from the year's harvest and combine them into a complex score to create the perfect collectible vineyard.

Bouteille  Roederer Collection
Reserve Perpétuelle  Roederer Collection



A new wine called Réserve Perpétuelle was introduced to complement the existing harvest. It was created in 2012 and since then the latest harvest is added each year and stored in large stainless steel tanks. The resulting wine offers a unique and exciting taste experience.

Wood-aged signature wines make up 10% of the Collection 243 blend. These wines perfectly represent the Roederer style and are recognized for their exceptional quality. As they age, they develop a soft, tender texture with smoky, toasty notes.

"These new balances necessarily condition the evolution of our wines; these possibilities,

in terms of typicity and sensations, widen the field of possibilities

- Frédéric Rouzaud, Chairman and CEO



Collection 243 Champagne is made from a blend of Réserve Perpétuelle, wood-aged reserve wines and the best successes of the 2018 harvest.

The House Louis Roederer is proud of its Champagne roots and Reims foundation, with freedom guiding the blending process based on what nature offers. This exquisite champagne is the House's most loyal standard, representing the number of blends since its inception.

The collection number allows wine lovers to choose their favorite wine according to the desired level of youth or maturity.

Coupe Champagne Cristal Roederer


"A wine of pure pleasure, a wine of great gastronomy, Cristal is delicate and powerful at the same time

and powerful at the same time, all in subtlety and precision

- Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Cellar Master

Bouteille cuvée Cristal Roederer



The most famous wine of our house dates back to 1876 and was created to satisfy the demanding palate of Tsar Alexander II. The emperor asked Louis Roederer to reserve the best vintage of the Roederer House every year, which he held in high esteem. To emphasize its uniqueness, this remarkable champagne was presented in a crystal bottle with a flat base. Its name comes from the special material used for the bottle, which celebrates its transparency and luminosity.



Cristal is a champagne made during the "great years", when the Chardonnay (40%) and Pinot Noir (60%) grapes are perfectly ripe. This champagne is aged for 6 years and rests for 8 months after disgorgement to reach an absolute harmony.

Etiquette Champagne Roederer
Raisin blanc de blancs Cristal roederer
bouteille cristal roederer coupe



Cristal is a sophisticated champagne known for its perfect balance. It has a unique taste that lingers in the mouth. Its texture is smooth and velvety, and its aroma is fruity with a hint of minerals. You can taste a blend of white fruits and citrus with every sip. The best part is that Cristal Champagne can be aged for over twenty years without compromising its freshness and character.

Introduction :

Champagne Louis Roederer

Champagne Louis Roederer is one of the most famous champagne houses in the world. With over 200 years of history, the house of Roederer has created some of the most iconic champagnes in the world. In this article, I will introduce you to the history and heritage of the House of Roederer as well as the different types of Roederer champagne available on the market. We will also look at the prices of Roederer champagnes, what makes Roederer crystal so special, as well as tips for storing and serving Roederer champagne. We will also give you gift ideas for those who love Roederer champagne.

History and heritage

of Champagne Louis Roederer

Champagne Louis Roederer was founded in 1776, but it did not take its current name until 1833, when Louis Roederer took over the champagne house. Since then, the Roederer house has remained in the Roederer family and is now run by Frederic Rouzaud, a direct descendant of Louis Roederer.

The Roederer house owns more than 240 hectares of vineyards in Champagne, the majority of which are located in the communes of Verzenay, Verzy and Ay. The grapes used to produce Roederer champagne are grown using traditional and sustainable methods, with particular attention paid to quality and selection.

The different types of

roederer champagne

Champagne Louis Roederer produces a wide range of champagnes, from traditional brut to prestige vintage. The Brut Premier Champagne is the most popular champagne of the Roederer house. It is composed of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier. It is elegant and balanced, with notes of fresh fruit and hazelnut.

Cristal Roederer is a prestigious vintage champagne that is considered one of the most prestigious champagnes in the world. It is produced from grapes from the most prestigious vineyards of the Roederer house and is aged for at least six years before being bottled. It is known for its complex taste and silky texture. Cristal Roederer is also available in a rosé version, which is produced in limited quantities each year.

why Roederer champagne

is a must for champagne lovers

Champagne Louis Roederer is one of the most prestigious champagne houses in the world, with over 200 years of history and heritage. The different types of Roederer champagne offer a wide variety of tastes and textures, ranging from Brut Premier to Cristal Roederer prestige vintage. Cristal Roederer is considered one of the most prestigious champagnes in the world because of its exceptional quality and fascinating history. If you are a champagne lover, Roederer champagne is an absolute must.

Gift ideas

for Roederer champagne

Roederer Champagne is an elegant and sophisticated gift for any special occasion. You can give a bottle of Brut Premier or Cristal Roederer for a birthday, wedding or holiday party. You can also offer a tour of the Roederer house or a membership to their champagne tasting club.

Tips for storing

and serving Roederer champagne

Roederer champagne should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is important to store the bottles horizontally to prevent the cork from drying out. Roederer champagne should be served cool, at a temperature of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. It is also important to use champagne flutes to fully enjoy the aromas and flavors of champagne.

Buy Roederer champagne online

where to find the best offers ?

If you are looking to buy Roederer champagne online, there are many options available. Wine vendor websites and online retailers like Pépites en Champagne often have special deals on Roederer champagnes, so it's important to do your research to find the best price. It's also important to make sure the seller is reliable and trustworthy.

Champagne Roederer House

a visit of the emblematic house

The Roederer House is located in the town of Reims, in the Champagne region. It is open to the public for guided tours, where you can learn about the history and heritage of the Roederer house and the champagne production process. You can also taste different types of Roederer champagne and buy bottles in the house store.

Cristal Roederer
What makes it special?

Cristal Roederer is considered one of the most prestigious champagnes in the world because of its exceptional quality and fascinating history. It was created in 1876 for Tsar Alexander II of Russia, who had asked Louis Roederer to create a champagne especially for him. Cristal Roederer was therefore a prestige champagne for a very exclusive audience.

Cristal Roederer is produced from grapes from the most prestigious vineyards of the Roederer house, which are carefully selected for their exceptional quality. The champagne is aged for at least six years before bottling, giving it a complex taste and silky texture.

champagnes Roederer

Prices for Roederer champagnes vary depending on the type of champagne and the region in which you buy them. In general, Brut Premier champagne costs between 40 and 50 euros per bottle, while Cristal Roederer can cost several hundred euros per bottle. However, prices can vary depending on the region, availability and demand.

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