Champagne De Sousa

It all began three generations ago, the Champagne DE SOUSA house is a family house, created in Avize in the early 50's by the parents of the current owner: Erick DE SOUSA.

The family manages a 10-hectare estate, located in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, in Avize. Erick and Michelle are now followed by their 3 children:
Charlotte, Julie and Valentin.

The Champagne De Sousa house in Avize

The expression of the terroir

The Côte des Blancs is known for its chalky soil, which gives the champagnes finesse, elegance and minerality. We have kept old vines of more than 70 years, their advantage is to have roots much deeper
(40 meters in the chalk) and thus to go and find the minerality.
Committed for several years in a process of organic and biodynamic culture, the house of DE SOUSA obtained its certification in 2010 which assures the consumer that the rules have been followed.

The love of the land

To avoid soil compaction, part of the vineyard is worked with the horse. Vidoc and Capucine are Julie's two new draft horses.
The respect of the vine and the earth is the first priority for this family of winegrowers, whose only goal is to achieve the sublimation of champagne.

The art of winemaking

The wine is stirred regularly during the maturation in wood to give it fatness and depth. The wine is not filtered and benefits only from a low SO2 contribution, the indigenous yeasts are used for the first fermentation.
Quartz, which is found in our vat room, delivers an anti-oxidant message, it thus participates in the good balance of the room. It will contribute to a better development of the aromas and especially to a good balance between reduction and oxidation.


The Maison Champenoise De SOUSA could not miss the latest creation of Taransaud, a specialist in large containers.
Indeed, this one has just conceived an ovoid lightning which resumes the proportions of the famous golden number.