Champagne Delavenne

For four generations, we have been committed to passing on our love of the vine and wine by making a champagne that will live on in time.
Each of our cuvées is elaborated with passion and know-how to express the best of their terroirs. Discover a palette of aromas that will seduce you on all occasions.

We also elaborate a Bouzy Rouge, the best years. The Bouzy Rouge is the best known of the "Coteaux Champenois", Appelation d'Origine Contrôlée since 1974. It is a non-sparkling wine, produced in the vineyards of Champagne.

History, Champagne Delavenne

We are happy to introduce you to our family business. Our family know-how has been passed down from father to son for four generations, respecting the Champagne traditions and the values of our House.

We have been sensitive to the environment for many years and are concerned about the quality of the land that we will pass on to our children.
This is why we practice a reasoned viticulture and, as soon as it is possible, we try to go even further in our viticulture practices respectful of the environment.a viticulture biologique.

Our objective is to produce high quality champagnes that will seduce you year after year.

We are harvesters and handlers. You will recognize it by the RM mention on our labels.
This appellation, a guarantee of our independence, allows us to control all the stages of elaboration as well as the quality of our champagnes:

we are the owners and work our own vineyards,
we harvest the grapes exclusively from our vineyards and press them on the property, in our family press,
we vinify our production in our cellars,
we market our champagnes and our Bouzy rouge directly.

The know-how, Champagne Delavenne

Throughout the year, the vine of Champagne requires a demanding and daily work to be mastered and to give the best of itself: pruning, tying, trellising, trimming, etc. These operations are mostly done manually; they represent the heart of our profession.

The whole of our vineyard, classified Grand Cru, is worked in reasoned viticulture: maintenance of the grounds and grassing of the parcels, sexual confusion, use of phytosanitary products only according to the needs, management of waste, traceability, etc.
And whenever possible, we go further with techniques close to organic farming.

Transmitted from generation to generation, our family know-how respects the Champagne tradition while combining techniques specific to our House, so as to offer you champagnes of character that will seduce you on all occasions.

The harvest is always done manually in Champagne. The pressing is carried out immediately afterwards, vintage by vintage and grape variety by grape variety, in our own press within the property.

The juices are identified and put in vats separately to allow them to reveal their own qualities. These qualities are used in the blending process, carried out with passion and know-how by Jean-Louis and Jean-Christophe Delavenne.

This subtle blend of grape varieties, from the three crus that make up our vineyard, gives birth to our different qualities of champagnes.