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In 1838, La Maison Deutz was founded by two young entrepreneurs from Aachen, Pierre-Hubert Geldermann and William Deutz. They established a philosophy of total commitment that quickly made their champagnes popular throughout Europe.

Today, the magic of l'Amour is working more than ever. The emblematic cuvée, the wines chiseled in homage to the Founder, are shaped with respect, in thespirit of the generations that have succeeded.

On the eve of its bi-centenary, Deutz is committed to being a modern brand with an inspired style. To perpetuate the values of the Earth, to magnify the talent of the men, to convince of the rightness of the chosen course are the motto of then... and of tomorrow.

Patience through the seasons

The vine undergoes the rhythm. It bends to the vagaries and whims of the forces that impose them on it. Grateful for the thoughtful and loving gesture of the winegrower, it will give birth, one hundred days after the smile of the flowering, to the long-awaited fruit.

The patient art of blending
Vinification and maturation shape the characters. The chardonnay becomes more elegant, the pinot noir more honest, the pinot meunier more enchanting. The personalities unite patiently at the repeated invitation of the masters of the Assemblage school.

The wines require the necessary rest before presenting themselves to the public, already drunk with sparkle, aromas, complexity or elegance. Some of them, with their long-lasting temperament, will ask to be expressed late, after years or even decades.

Love Stories
Once past the large portal decorated with the founder's coat of arms, the bronze Angelot with its discreet wings welcomes the visitor. Gracefully seated in a conch shell, his loins girded with a negligee drape, "Love" watches over him.

The Love of the Earth
From the lands of the Grands Crus, from the respect of the terroirs and from the love of the profession are born precious and delicate fruits. From this age-old and marvelous alchemy, wines will be born whose purity will consecrate them as true works of art.

A Collection for Sybarites

The Methuselah "Amour de Deutz" symbolizes the art of merging, in one fell swoop and for limited editions, the monumentalism of the bottle with the grandeur of the wine

"Cuvée Amour de Deutz' 1999
1999 is the first opus for "Amour de Deutz" in this exceptional bottle. Dressed in white leather, embroidered with gold thread, the "travel trunk" style box evokes the intrepid and fruitful travels of the young William Deutz

"Cuvée Amour de Deutz' 2000
Marie Deutz, daughter of the founder, designs, decorates and furnishes the salons of the family mansion in Ay. This is the inspiration for "L'Amour de Deutz" 2000 adorned with a flamboyant red case, a tribute to the Second Empire

"Cuvée Amour de Deutz" 2002
L'Amour de Deutz" 2002 looks great in its Christofle box. The goldsmiths had to shape the material: cut it, plane it, polish it, engrave it... Forcing it to stretch out to embrace the sublime bottle

"Cuvée Amour de Deutz" 2005
Corian was chosen to be the gentle protector of Methuselah in the 2005 vintage. The intelligent, irresistible, disturbing material is chiseled like precious stones. It underlines and sublimates the natural attributes of the cuvée

"Amour de Deutz Rosé"

Campagne deutz brut classic
Bouteille de champagne Deutz
Bouteille champagne Deutz brut

The House of the Future

"A heritage turned to the future." The formula, featured first on the website of Deutz, sums up the philosophy of the Champagne house Deutz.
How does this great house, which celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2018, build its history against a backdrop of increasing competition and declining French champagne sales? This is the question answered by the president Fabrice Rosset, a native of Champagne and Epernay, who took over the company Deutz in 1996 after the house Roederer, where he spent 22 years. "It's a sleeping beauty," he said at the time, three years after Louis Roederer took a majority stake in Deutz.

Today, the famous family house in Aÿ is in excellent health. Since Deutz bought Vins Delas Frères in 1977, it has also purchased some fine vineyards in the Rhone Valley, notably on the Hermitage slopes. On the champagne side, the house has announced that it sells 2.5 million bottles a year, 45% of which are exported, compared to just over a million bottles three decades ago.

As for the grape varieties, it was necessary to add more than 300 hectares of the three Champagne grape varieties - Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier - to the 46 hectares of vines directly exploited by the house. At the end, there were fourteen champagnes, "a very wide range for a house like ours," says Fabrice Rosset.

Sales in Germany since 1900

Pass through the imposing gate of rue Jeanson in Ay, then the paved courtyard, surrounded by three main buildings - burned down during the 1911 winegrowers' uprising, but rebuilt identically - in the center is a bronze sculpture of a cherub, Cupid of Deutz, the logo of the house, reaching the main building. It is here, admiring the Napoleon III period decoration and furniture since the renovation of the house in 1861, that the visitor understands the importance of this past, which has inspired the house to continue to shine in the world.

For Deutz is an international history, above all Franco-German - the name leaves no doubt. It goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. Exactly in 1838, William Deutz, born in Aachen 29 years earlier, co-founded the champagne house Deutz-Geldermann with Pierre-Hubert Geldermann. Originally from a town attached to the Napoleonic Empire, William was fluent in French, the administrative language of the time. Logically, until 1900, most of the bottles were sold as far as the Rhine, while the French market represented only 5%, explains Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz, the sixth generation since the founder and director of domestic public relations.

This Franco-German "friendship" was not limited to Deutz. For example, Friedrich Heinrich Heidsieck, whose son settled in Reims and founded the Heidsieck estate in 1785, which later became Piper-Heidsieckgeorges Hermann Mumm, who took over a Champagne house in 1852, or Jacques Bollingerwho was born in Wurtemberg in 1803.

Queen Victoria's Jubilee

The Franco-German war of 1870, followed by the First World War, disrupted the development of Deutz. The company even had to change its name for a time. "When you're called Deutz, it makes the problem worse. We're trying to make the brand more French," explains Jean-Marc Lallier. On the label of a 1911 vintage of champagne Deutz & Geldermann, the statement: "The owners are French, officers of the active reserve." this in order not to anger the allies, especially the British who were essential to the champagne market.

Despite this, the champagne Deutz continues to circulate freely among the European courts and nothing stands in the way of its influence. It was served at the celebrations of the 50th golden jubilee of Queen Victoria in July 1887, in the presence of many crowned heads of state from around the world. In 1911, Deutz also became the official supplier to the Spanish court.

Although the gold of royalty and princes is long gone, history lives on in the salons, as witnessed by the large portraits of ancestors who have continued to watch over the house. The three kilometers of cellars, held by Williams' daughter Deutz, Marie Deutz manage the house and are full of treasures counting about 10 million bottles. Above, the vat room allows the production of nearly a hundred clear wines and thirty reserve wines, which contribute to the creation of the vintages.

It is in the Salon des Oiseaux, decorated with chinoiseries and bird motifs, as it was under the Second Empire, that the selection of the wines is made daily. Past, present and future, because the Champagne house Deutz wants to perfectly succeed in the artistic fusion, in order to guarantee "the development and the complexity of the aromas".

The Champagne Deutz Brut Classic is an elegant champagne with a fruity bouquet, it is a blend of several years with aromas of apples and pears. It is made from pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier from the Marne region, with a proportion of 40% pinot noir. Its dress is golden, with peach reflections. The Champagne Deutz Brut Classic is an elegant and fruity champagne, with apple and pear aromas. It is made from pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier, with a proportion of 40% pinot noir. It has a golden color with peach reflections.

The champagne Deutz is a superior quality brut champagne, made from grapes from great growths. The champagne Deutz is also one of the few champagnes to be made from 100% black grapes. The price of the champagne Deutz is about 50 euros.

Discover the magnum of champagne Deutz, the best champagne at the best price. With its unique taste and exceptional quality, the magnum of champagne Deutz is the ideal champagne for all occasions.

Want to taste a good champagne Deutz? Discover our selection of champagne bottles Deutz at the best price !

The bottles of Amour de Deutz are known to be one of the best champagnes in the world, and they are also known for their high price. If you want to buy a bottle of Amour de Deutz, you should expect to pay around 200 euros.

Deutz is a brand of champagne known for the quality of its products. The reviews on Deutz champagne are very positive and underline the finesse and elegance of its champagnes. The prices of the champagnes Deutz are however relatively high.

The champagne Deutz Rosé is an elegant and refined champagne, composed of pinot noir and chardonnay. It is light and fruity, with notes of strawberries and raspberries. This champagne is perfect to accompany light dishes or desserts. The price of the champagne Deutz Rosé is 45 euros.

The price of a champagne box Deutz depends on several factors, including the number of bottles, the type of champagne and the vintage. In general, the price of a champagne box Deutz is between 50 and 200 euros.

The Champagne Deutz is a champagne produced by the house Deutz, founded in 1760 in Aÿ in Champagne. The champagne Deutz is made from three grape varieties: chardonnay, pinot meunier and pinot noir.

The price of a jeroboam of champagne Deutz is 150 euros. This price is the same regardless of the retailer, because the brand Deutz has set a single price for this type of champagne.

This brut champagne is made from 90% pinot noir and 10% chardonnay. It is aged in cellars on laths for 36 months. The Champagne Deutz Brut is a dry champagne, with a beautiful pale gold color and crystalline reflections. It offers a pure, fine and elegant nose, with aromas of white fruits and toast. In the mouth, it is lively, round and greedy, with a long and persistent finish. This brut champagne is made from 90% pinot noir and 10% chardonnay. It is aged in cellars on laths for 36 months.

William Deutz is a champagne producer located in Aÿ, France. Founded in 1838, the house Deutz was purchased in 2006 by the Boizel family. The product range of the house Deutz includes different champagne cuvées, as well as white and red wines.

The champagne Deutz is a champagne produced by the house Deutz, founded in 1838. The champagne Deutz is known for its fruity and elegant style, as well as for its excellent value for money. Cuvée Nicolas is a special cuvée of the champagne Deutz, named after the founder of the house, Nicolas Deutz.

Blanc Blanc Millésime is a champagne made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. It is made in small quantities in the best years and is kept in the cellar for at least 5 years.

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