Chef-Marco-Fadiga Dom pérignon

What is your background?

I have been in this house since July 13, 2016. The date I won the game.

How long have you been at home?

It's far from over! The second fermentation begins in the bottle. Due to the addition of liqueur, the sugar in the wine is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The time to keep the bottle horizontally at 10°C for several months.

What brought you to the world of champagne?

The handmade work has long been mechanized, and over the years the riddles have allowed dead yeast and sediment to accumulate at the bottom of the bottle.

The bottle is tilted down and turned a quarter turn every day for 3 months. The bottle can remain in this state for several years as it begins to age.

In one of my agencies, I worked as a "Dom Pérignon representative" for about ten years. It was an opportunity which, in addition to establishing a relationship with the winery, allowed me to enter the world of champagne and to rub shoulders with it.

A key step in the making of champagne! Place the neck of the bottle with all the sediment in the frozen nitrogen mixture. This converts the sediment into ice cubes and expels it when the bottle is opened for months or years under the pressure of carbon dioxide in the bottle.

What are the main steps in designing a protocol?

I share Vincent Chapelon's vision. We are not looking for the perfect match. What drives us is to find a dialogue between wine and food through ideals of creative tension. Discovering different aspects of wine through tastings and subsequent culinary tests was the highlight of the trip.

Which wine do you prefer when you work at Dom Pérignon?

I cannot answer this question because each vintage that I find in the creation process is unique. This is the strength of all Dom Pérignon vintages. Then, Dom Pérignon rosé 2008 and second fullness 1998 made me feel really strong in the process of making the recipes.

What food and wine pairing from Dom Pérignon has impressed you the most?

The one I haven't created yet...