Champagne Henri Giraud

The House Henri Giraud is a family champagne house located in the heart of the Champagne region, in Aÿ. An exceptional wine region, the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are revealed at their best in its grand crus, one of the most beautiful in the Champagne region. Faithful to tradition, the House Henri Giraud has reconstituted oak barrels with Argonne oak to age its vintages, and with a preference for local wood species, it has chosen to highlight a complete terroir that gives its Champagnes a very particular woody character. Lovers of wines and complex champagnes, this house is made for you. Some wines are aged in terracotta or sandstone amphora.

The champagne house Henri Giraud

The history of the great Champagne House

The history of Champagne Giraud begins in 1625 in the contemporary period of Henri V and his heirs. The Hémart family must have returned to Aÿ at the beginning of the 17th century, where they found their roots and began the Champagne era in the 18th century. The history of the Champagne Giraud estate begins in 1625 with Henri V and his heirs. The Hémart family must have returned to Aÿ at the beginning of the 17th century, where they found their roots and began the Champagne era in the 18th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Léon Giraud married Madeleine Hémart and restored the family vineyards ravaged by the phylloxera crisis. Their descendant Henry founded the company which is now run by his son Claude. The vineyard extends on the commune of Aÿ but also on Dizy and Mutigny. Claude also buys grapes harvested by grape-pickers from friends and family. In 1980, Claude Giraud increased the proportion of wines aged in oak barrels. Today, most of the champagnes are aged in wooden barrels and the wine is kept in stainless steel tanks.

The imprint on Giraud Champagnes

Today, the Champagne house is run by Claude Giraud, the 12th generation of the Giraud-Hémart family, a member of the UMC whose famous vintages bear the name "Argonne". Focusing on the pillars of the brand: Aÿ Grand Cru, Pinot Noir grapes and Argonne barrels, since 1990 he has restored the history and rebuilt the first oak barrels 60 meters east of Reims. Miles of historic Champagne forests and famous barrels that produced over ten centuries. The balance of Champagne Maison Henri Giraud is the success of the region. With only 250,000 bottles and a few thousand bottles left for the vintages, the champagne is now sought after by lovers of great wines from around the world. The champagne is marked by the Pinot Noir of Aÿ. The range developed in stainless steel tanks is ample and functional. They are excellent as an aperitif and also go well with light dishes. Those made in barrels are fuller and more dominant. Powerful, expressive and rich in content, they are one of the most concentrated Champagnes in the entire region, making them perfect for the entire meal.

Henri Giraud is a champagne producer, located in Aÿ, in the Marne Valley. The vines are planted on the best terroirs and the wines are elaborated with the greatest care. The prices of the champagnes Henri Giraud vary according to the vintage, but are always very reasonable.

In the heart of the Marne Valley, the Manor Henri Giraud welcomes you for an unforgettable stay. This former 18th century coaching inn was entirely renovated in 2007 by the Giraud family, who have lived and worked there for several generations.

The house Henri Giraud is an old champagne house located in Ay, in Champagne. The house was founded in 1856 by Henri Giraud father, on the family land. The production of champagne starts in 1864.

The Esprit Nature cuvée is perhaps the one that best symbolizes the evolution of the house Henri Giraud. It is a champagne of greed and pleasure, which combines 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. As its name indicates, this cuvée embodies the spirit of the house, its philosophy. A philosophy focused on a single objective: to produce the best. As it likes to repeat, the house imposes nothing on itself and forbids nothing. A wine to discover for its unique combination of freshness and greed.

HENRI GIRAUD has paid tribute to François Hémart, the family ancestor, born in 1625 and deceased in 1705, by creating this cuvée. A racy cuvée, a Grand Cru from the hillsides of Aÿ, which retains the style of the house. Born from a blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, vinified on the lees for 6 months in ovoid vats and aged for another 6 months in Argonne oak barrels. Maison Giraud works without weedkillers or insecticides with a minimum of intervention and sulfite. Its delicate straw yellow color, and the finesse of the bubbles open intense perfumes of honeysuckle, yellow fruit, with cinnamon and a touch of oak. The palate is round and elegant, with flavors of ripe and stewed apple, dried apricot and chocolate. This cuvée Henri Giraud Hommage can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a meal around noble sea products.

Part of the clear wines of this young brand, launched by Claude Giraud (the Giraud-Hénart family), is made in oak barrels in Argonne, a forest in Champagne. The woodiness marks the range, but has been better controlled in recent vintages, allowing the maturity of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the main origin of the grapes, to show through.

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