Champagne Krug

The brand was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, a non-conformist, visionary with an uncompromising philosophy. His dream was to create the best champagne every year, regardless of the annual climate change. Joseph Krug realized his dream by paying close attention to the character of the vineyards, respecting the individuality of each package and its wines, and building a vast library of reserve wines from different vintages.

With the traditional methods of champagne making, he decided to go beyond the notion of vintage to create the most generous Champagne each year. He therefore created a brand where all champagnes would have the same distinction.

The Krug champagne house

The vision of the great Champagne House

Joseph Krug founded the champagne house that bears his name in 1843, convinced that the true essence of champagne is pleasure itself, and his dream was to create the most generous expression of champagne every year, regardless of the annual change in weather.

He transcended all known boundaries of champagne creation and established a brand in which all champagnes had equal distinction. In 1848, he recorded his vision in his black cherry notebook.

In principle, a good house should produce only two cuvées from a blend of similar ingredients: Cuvée N°1: This ingredient must be recreated each year. If the wine is full-bodied, lighter wines from previous years should be used... and vice versa, if the wine is too light, like the 1848. Cuvée N°2 : As for Cuvée N°1, it depends.

Know-how on Krug Champagnes

Each year we recreate Joseph Krug's dream with a new edition of Krug Grande Cuvée, with contrasting textures and extraordinary aromatic roundness. We have examined the personalities of approximately 400 wines, each embodying the personality of a particular parcel. In doing so, we respect the diversity of the Champagne region, its terroir, and our winemakers, for there are as many wines as there are winemakers on a single terroir. Therefore, our mission at Krug is to bring together the most complete expression that Champagne has to offer.

Joseph Krug firmly believes that only with the utmost attention to each element can he offer the most generous and highest quality Champagne expression each year, regardless of the changing climate.

In order to transcend the notion of vintage when creating champagnes of exceptional quality, Joseph Krug began building a series of reserve wines, which has been enriched for six generations. This library now houses 150 wines, all expressing the personality of a unique design.