Welcome to Verzenay, a small village in the mountains of Reims located in the heart of the Grand Cru terroirs of Champagne and the stronghold of the House of Louis Dousset. Since 1844, our family has taken great care in the work of its vines, in the heart of each parcel, at the foot of each vine. Respecting the terroir and the plant, our estate is committed to working the land and the vines by striking the right balance between ancestral methods and new technologies.

The main principles of biodynamics are associated with a reasoned culture for the work of the vine and the elaboration of our Champagnes. With an average age of 46 years, some of our parcels are more than 80 years old, thus conferring to our estate's heritage and to our Champagnes, an exceptional quality. Jean-Roch Floquet, Louis Dousset's grandson, is now in charge of the estate and is responsible for the cultivation of the vines as well as for the blending of the wines of the House. He is always looking for the expression of the terroir and the consistency of the quality of the wines Champagne Louis Dousset.

The Champagne House Louis Dousset

Champagne Louis Dousset

In 1844, Léopold Dousset left his native village of Couvignon in the Aisne to settle in Verzenay, a small village in the Champagne region classified as a Grand Cru. As a winegrower, he developed a distillery business in the region, which allowed his son Eugène, Louis Dousset father, to invest in plots of vines. From 1976, Louis Dousset devoted himself exclusively to Champagne in the heart of the Montagne de Reims. In 1998, Jean Roch Floquet, Louis' grandson, took over the management of the company and positioned Louis Dousset Champagnes in the continuity of the Champagne tradition, while relying on innovative wine-making techniques.

At the gates of Paris lies a magnificent vineyard. The vineyards stretch over a 200 km long ribbon, clinging to beautiful open hills. This situation is particularly favorable to northern vineyards because the vines are sunny and well aerated on soils that drain properly, less exposed to spring frosts than in the plains. The subsoil, a major characteristic of the Champagne terroir, uncovers the chalk. It is undeniably the engine of the vine in Champagne. It comes from the skeletons of fossilized marine micro-organisms which allow it to be a real water reservoir, thus ensuring the plant a sufficient supply of water during the dry summers. Generally, the vines are oriented towards the east and/or the south. However, there are some on the northern slopes, where they are said to be "upside down". These are not the least of them, since they include the terroirs of Mailly and Verzenay, the cradle of the Grands Crus parcels of the Louis Dousset House. This may seem paradoxical for a northern vineyard, but if we consider that the Montagne de Reims constitutes a natural shelter for all of its terroirs against winds unfavorable to the vine, and that this northern exposure favors the development of concentrated and resistant grapes... this means that we raise a healthy and vigorous vine, lively and pure.

Jean-Roch Floquet, grandson of Louis Dousset and oenologist of the House, attaches great importance to the aging of the wine. Time is our most precious ally. The passion for Champagne that drives him, allows Louis Dousset to go beyond the simple amateur tasting to invite itself to the table of great names in the restaurant business, knowing how to find its place in the best cellars near you. The simplicity of its living force, the complexity of its blends on the whole range of wines, confer to the Champagnes of the house Louis Dousset an atypical character, combining elegance and purity, power and subtlety, straightness and finesse.

Champagne Louis Dousset

Our vines are on average 42 years old. This age, allowing us to affirm that some of our parcels are more than 80 years old, confers to the heritage of the House Louis Dousset, one of the most sumptuous domains of the Champagne region on almost 8 ha of vines. To achieve excellence, the house is committed to taking care of its vines from the start, in the heart of the furrows, at the feet of the ceps. With respect and special attention, the house is particularly committed to nourish the land in a healthy and vigilant way.
The balance between ancient ancestral methods and new contemporary technologies also contributes to the blending process of our wines and the reasoned culture. In this image, the work of the vineyard in biodynamics makes its way within the house.

We are constantly looking for the best blend to offer you the greatest pleasure during your tastings.

Define the moment of the harvest. Controlling the natural balance between sugar and acidity on EACH plot and harvesting at the best time: preferably at night or in the early morning, when the freshness maintains the concentrated aromas and all its sugars for the pressing stage.
The alcoholic fermentation is thermo-controlled in stainless steel vats, and after 6 months the wine is bottled in glass bottles in the cellars. The blending carried out by Jean-Roch Floquet, head of the family and oenologist, is a perpetual quest to find the quintessence of a wine with magnified aromas. To maintain the signature of the house by the skilful balance between the wines of the harvest and the reserve wines, between the chardonnays and the pinots... To create and master the balance between freshness and power, elegance and presence... between the complexity of the pinot noir and the finesse of the chardonnay...

To keep all the promises of the House of Louis Dousset, and to surprise you even more with each tasting.

Since 1844, all the know-how of the House of Louis Dousset, strives to magnify what nature has provided. An exceptional Grand Cru terroir and a relevant orientation are the foundations of the philosophy. The attention, the breeding of the vines is the extension of it. The watchfulness of the blending and the patience in the cellar are the result. The Maison Louis Dousset offers you a harmonious range of wines that will accompany you in all your moments of life. Discover or re-discover our range.

Louis Dousset Champagnes, the expression of the terroir.