Champagne Louise Brison

Very attached to this land, it is Delphine BRULEZ, agricultural engineer and oenologist, who perpetuates it today with a natural evolution towards organic viticulture.

"I am very attached to this land and I am proud to elaborate Champagnes which come from a magnificent terroir, chosen by my great-grandmother, Louise Brison, more than 100 years ago. She, who had nothing or almost nothing, persisted in keeping and cultivating this land. My work today is a tribute to this great Lady, who, through an ordinary life, created an extraordinary future!
By elaborating Louise Brison Champagnes today, I am building my own bridge between past and future, hoping that it will cross generations."

To go to the end of a particular approach through the vintages to create the Louise Brison singularity has required and still requires a lot of courage and obstinacy..

The Louise Brison Champagne House

Philosophy of the Louise Brison house

All humans have a special relationship with nature.
We are all linked to it and it is indispensable to us! This is why, for many years, we have been observing it, preserving it and respecting its balance so that it becomes our ally.


Organic Viticulture
After all these years of respectful cultivation practices, we decided in 2017 to start our conversion to organic viticulture...

2020 will be our first vintage labeled organic!

Maintaining soil fertility
Soil life is essential for the health of the vine, so we use organic amendments and crush the shoots after pruning. Soils are worked mechanically in order to improve their physico-chemical properties, the plant's nutrition and the availability of fertilizing elements. We also do microbial fertilization. This is an alternative method that allows us to sustainably improve the structure and fertility of our soils as well as the plant's resistance to disease.
This set of interventions maintains and helps the biological activity, thus ensuring the good health and longevity of the plant

Prophylactic control
We fight against the various diseases in a preventive way by limiting the yields, thus avoiding a piling up of foliage and clusters.

Our different practices allow us to maintain the natural ecosystems (flora and fauna) by preserving them from chemical elements responsible for their disappearance.

"It is the difficult vintages that teach us how to work!"

Louise Brison Vintage Champagnes

The history of Champagne has been built on the notion of blending, which has made the reputation of the great houses, by ensuring their own style.

Louise Brisons is that of a family tradition devoted to the excellence of wine in the respect of nature.
While each vintage is a true source of inspiration, a very unique composition, a melody that plays with balance and time!

By having chosen to keep our Champagne wines, we have the privilege to make you discover mature Champagnes, which have taken the time to bloom in order to perfect their aromatic revelation.


At harvest time, the quality of the musts is optimal and gravity is the key word!
We work by gravity in order to preserve the quality of our juices!
All our wines are vinified and aged in oak barrels. A living material that allows an interaction with the wine.

We take care to identify on each of them, the origin and the quality of the juices (plot and grape variety)!
The wines at the end of the maturing process, which lasts about 9 months, all have their own characteristics.
When assembled, they all contribute to the complexity that will allow the blends to age serenely.
To go further: maturing on lees

From bottling to the birth of the bubbles...

After maturing, the still wines are ready to be bottled for the famous Prise de Mousse Champenoise.
A key step in the winemaking process... The more complex the wine, the finer the bubbles.
Then comes the aging in bottle which will last at least 6 years. It allows us to obtain an exceptional level of complexity and Champagnes that will last through the years to offer you extraordinary tasting sensations!