Rice, the "Single Ingredient" of Champagne Krug in 2022

Rice pudding, sushi, arroz, risotto, rice are the different forms of champagne Krug. One plot, one bottle, one raw material: at the base of the technology Krug, individuality is an art that treats each grape variety and each wine from this terroir as a unique raw material. Every year for the past 7 years, after artichokes, onions or eggs, the House Krug celebrates this idea with a single ingredient: a program that pays tribute to unique ingredients whose history is linked to a specific region and cooking technique, Revealed by the creativity of Chef Ambassadors from around the world. As a tradition in what is today a beautiful Champagne House, the House Krug has been celebrating this philosophy every year for the past 7 years with a single ingredient: a tribute to a unique ingredient (single ingredient) whose history is linked to a specific region and cooking technique, Revealed by the creativity of the Ambassador Chefs from around the world.

This year, Hélène Darroze, Arnaud Lallement, Arnaud Faye and many others participated in the exercise. In addition to the recipes specially designed for the occasion, Krug partners will also offer a drink in the cup during the "Month Krug" in October and November to be combined with snacks, dishes or new menus built around unique ingredients.

International chefs have come up with new rice pairings, original recipes combining gourmet and street food, each designed to complement the 170th edition of Krug Grande Cuvée or the 26th edition of Krug Rosé. The link between Krug and the unique ingredients aims to go beyond the notion of simple culinary pairings, bringing a real know-how and a shared vision between champagne and gastronomy.

For the first time, these recipes imagined by the chefs of the Embassy Krug chefs have been brought together in a single book, taking the form of a collaborative cookbook that amateurs can easily reproduce at home. More than 26 countries and 75 stars are represented in the book Le Riz'thme dans l'assiette, an opportunity to discover the creative spirit of great chefs from around the world. Presented in several countries and available at partner wineries, the book allows everyone to discover new taste combinations between gastronomy and champagne.