Champagne Mignon Boulard

The Champagne Mignon-Boulard welcomes you in the hamlet of Tincourt (Venteuil), on the tourist road located in the heart of the Marne Valley (51), between Dormans and Epernay.

It is in this region offering splendid views, that in 1911, Louis and his wife Louise, wine growers for several generations, decided to develop and market Champagne. In the 50's, Lucien and his wife Marcelle installed the traditional 2000 kg press on which we still elaborate our Champagne today.

Daniel and his wife Monique enlarged the exploitation and diversified the plantation with the appearance of Pinot Meunier in the 70s and Chardonnay in the 80s. This allowed them to further refine the different blends of our vintages. Today, Cyril and his wife Estelle continue the lineage by perpetuating the tradition and by defending the quality of the Champagne which is dear to us.

The Champagne House Mignon Boulard

Vineyard work Champagne Mignon Boulard

At Champagne MIGNON-BOULARD, the vineyard is worked with traditional tools while using modern techniques. This know-how is elaborated in full harmony with the natural elements, in order to limit the use of chemical products.

For example, in our vineyards, we have always used the plough to cut the soil in the old way. Its small mouldboards make an upright ploughing favorable to a good decomposition of the organic waste.

The preventive treatments and our manual work of culture of the vineyard are carried out in order to protect the environment.

Sustainable viticulture and respect of the environment

The vines of Champagne MIGNON-BOULARD are cultivated in the respect of the environment. That is to say in reasoned phytosanitary control: cultivation of the vine (ploughing), grassing, fertilizer and amendment 100% organic, barks. Day after day, we favour sustainable viticulture.

The grapes are pressed on our traditional press and the wine is elaborated without passage in the cold, nor filtration. All our wines undergo malolactic fermentation. See also, the work of Champagne.

Bold entrepreneurs, in love and respectful of the earth, creators of their wines, Cyril and Estelle perpetuate an ancestral know-how by subtly mixing tradition and modern viticulture

Work of Champagne Mignon Boulard

Our Champagne wine, elegant, subtle and refined, is elaborated with a permanent quality requirement. Every detail is important. This is why we take care of the pressing, fine-tune the dosage, the blending and multiply the tastings in order to satisfy the most demanding of our customers.

The pressing and the wine making
After the work of the vineyard, our grapes are pressed on a traditional press to extract slowly the must (grape juice), without altering the quality. From this, the cuvées are extracted: the first juices where we obtain the ideal sugar/acid equation. They are placed in vats where they will undergo two successive fermentations over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. The alcoholic fermentation (the juice is transformed into wine), then the malolactic fermentation (which softens the acidity of the wine).

Blending and bottling
A few months later, comes one of the secrets of our Champagnes: the blending of grape varieties and years in order to personalize the Champagne wine faithful to the house MIGNON-BOULARD. Then comes the bottling or tirage.

Then, the wine is left to rest in the cellar, in order to refine its aromas and give it the effervescence that will magically enliven your flute.

Racking and disgorging
Our bottles are then stirred every day, for several weeks, in order to gather the deposit formed by the yeasts, during the setting of foam. We then carry out a traditional disgorging "on the fly" to extract this deposit. The incorporation of the dosage liquor is the final touch for