Welcome to the sparkling world
of Champagne Philippe Lancelot

If I had to sum up my motto:

Nature is well made, there is surely nothing better than nature... ?

— Philippe Lancelot —


The Domaine Y. Lancelot Wanner was created in the 1970s by my parents, who each inherited vineyards around the village: Cramant, Avize, Chouilly, Oiry, Epernay and Ay.

In 2012, we adopted biodynamic practices on all parcels, and we obtained AB Ecocert certification in 2014, Demeter in 2015 and Biodyvin in 2020.

Coeur climat parcelle Roederer

A unique terroir

My aim is to understand and bring out the essence of each terroir, and to create cuvées that each have their own identity, depending on the vintage. Purity, singularity and originality are my most cherished aspirations, hence the idea of working by parcel and coup de cœur.

That's why each label illustrates in my own way how I feel about the Champagne.

The art

of winemaking of wine


I've been working with Hervé Jestin since the 2009 harvest. We strive for optimal grape ripeness, low-sulfur winemaking, and even sulfur-free winemaking since the 2015 vintage. The light and verticality provided by these winemaking methods spread joy, fulfillment and radiance.

The wines are naturally balanced from the moment they enter the cellar, requiring little or no dosage.

Coeur climat parcelle Roederer