Dom pérignon Plénitude

Dom Péprignon Plénitude : the second life of a vintage

For nearly fifteen years, Champagne has redoubled its energy, achieving a burst of vitality. More radiant, it unfolds in all dimensions, becoming fuller, longer, deeper and more intense. Its life span is extended. Dom Pérignon has patiently risen to a new level of expression. We call this altitude Plenitude 2: The Second Life of the King of Champagne Dom Pérignon.


The year 2004 will be the history of Champagne Dom Pérignon with its lightness and generosity. In contrast to 2003, the vegetative development of the vines is regular and without surprise, the number and size of the vines matter. The weather has been mild for a long time, even if August was rather cool -- the dry heat of the last weeks has favored this vintage. The harvest began on September 24, with excellent maturity and health.


The fruit of 2004 is still discrete, but more clearly in the second life of the wine. Pink grapefruit and blood orange finally give way to figs. The extra time on the lees sublimates the minerals of the vintage in a glorious maturation, the signatures of Dom Pérignon: cocoa, mocha, toast, brioche and honey.


The wine evolves between tension and weightlessness. Extremely precise, delicate to the touch, dark and well defined. The whole is persistent, lively, on a succulent line of licorice.