The winegrowers who aspire to this approach believe that the survival of the soil depends on a close relationship with the stars. The followers of this method follow a lunar calendar for the cultivation of the vine and the preparation of the champagne (planting, harvest, fermentation, etc.).

For the production of champagne, the biodynamic method consists of respecting the natural relationship between the vine and its environment (soil, earth, sun, moon...) to obtain the best grapes and therefore the best champagne.
The winegrowers who use the biodynamic method require natural potions (macerations of plants, natural infusions...) to stimulate the soil and strengthen the vine.

All about organic champagne, the ultimate guide!

In recent years, champagne has become a drink that accompanies all festivities (wedding, baptism, birthday ...). Its bubbles, its golden color and its subtle taste lend themselves to it voluntarily. We taste it at the time of the aperitif or the dessert and in flute, because that preserves better its effervescence.

And since the time that one rushes towards the bio, of many Champagne wine growers were then directed gradually towards a production respectful of the environment. Today, there are several varieties, including organic champagnes, biodynamic champagnes and natural champagnes. Let's take a look at these three types of champagne.