What is the right temperature for storing champagne?

The conservation (storage) of Champagne must be kept in a cool place with a constant temperature (preferably between 10 and 12°) throughout the year. For the purists, the hygrometry must be between 60 and 70. Champagne is a fragile wine and it is important to avoid thermal shocks and especially not to store it at high temperatures (20° or more).

Is champagne afraid of light?

Even though fine wines have been bottled in UV-treated glass bottles for about three decades, which greatly reduces the effect of light on the liquids, everyone agrees that neon lights and ordinary lights are avoided for what is commonly called"The Taste of Light".

How long can we keep a bottle of champagne?

Champagne is only sold when it is mature. This is why, under optimal storage conditions, your champagne can keep its quality for 1 to 2 years.

Should the bottle be stored lying down or standing up?

There is no doubt that the bottle must be level in this respect. The bottle should lie flat to avoid gas loss when the cork dries out, although the pressure associated with theeffervescence reduces this risk.