Henri Giraud

Hommage au Pinot Noir


Champagne Henri Giraud "Homage to Pinot Noir" Pinot Bleu, also called petit doré in Aÿ, as the golden dots stuck on its bloom shine at harvest time, is of such complexity, freshness, elegance, that it has become the grail that every great wine would like to reach. A wine, which goes so far back to its origins in a bed of coccoliths stratified there 90 million years ago, deserves respect.

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The experts' opinion

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Champagne Giraud Note 94

The Structure

Discover the structure of this Champagne


Harmonious balance that exists between the different components of acidity.


Soft Champagne easy to drink, the acidity does not hurt the mouth.


Generous champagne, with a great intensity.

Length in mouth

The aromas of Champagne persist in the mouth.

The Tasting

A champagne with a golden, luminous and intense color, with fine, lively and numerous bubbles

On the nose, we find all the aromatic complexity of Pinot Noir, with notes of yellow fruits, spices, and a more mineral touch coming from the terroir of Aÿ

On the palate, it is a very intense wine that opens with a frank attack, then unfolds its full aromatic range. Its texture is silky and elegant.

The Composition

Discover the DNA of this wine

Champahne Giraud 54 mois d'élevage


Aÿ Grand cru
Montagne de Reims

A terroir rich in chalky soil, a great minerality. The sun exposure is light, rather at the end of the day.

This terroir is excellent for wines of this blend, strong in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Ay Maison champagne Giraud

About this house

Domaine Henri Giraud has been committed from the very beginning to making Champagne "The Great Wine of Champagne " again. Each of our vintages explores a new aesthetic and delivers a strong message.

Connected to the dreams of perfection and the freedom of innovation, we naturally create great wines that concentrate and transpose the energy of our terroir of Aÿ Grand Cru

Without stainless steel and with the minimum of intervention and suffering, our creative and natural vinification leads our wines closer to the truth of the terroir and the grape varieties.

The Perfect Agreement

Between the Champagne and its dish

Assiette Apéritif Champagne


This champagne is a perfect accompaniment to red or white meat dishes, such as a chicken scaloppine sautéed with Limoncello.

Assiette Fromages Champagne


This special cuvée Hommage au Pinot Noir can also be served with a variety of cheeses, in order to capture all the aromas, such as Maroilles, a cold Mont d'or or a Munster.

Assiette plat Champagne


As for dessert, you'll never go wrong by accompanying this wine with a light dessert such as a Saffron Panna Cotta with cinnamon cookies.

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