Cordeuil Père & Fille
Brut Tradition (EN)


Champagne Cordeuil Père & Fille, this cuvée is a blend of 85 % pinot noir and 15 % chardonnay from all the plots of our vineyard, located in the villages of Noé les Mallets, Fontette and Ville sur Arce (villages of the Bar coast). The maturity of the plants, which are about thirty years old, gives it a certain character. Malolactic fermentation was not carried out on this vintage.

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note Pépite Champagne

The Structure

Discover the structure of this Champagne


Harmonious balance between the various components of acidity.


Supple, easy-drinking champagne, the acidity doesn't clash with the palate.


Generous champagne with great intensity.

Long on the palate

Champagne aromas linger on the palate.


This champagne has a beautiful deep golden color.

The nose is fine, with notes of stewed yellow fruit and deep gingerbread flavors.


Discover the DNA of this wine

Grape varieties-Champagne


Côte des Bar, Noé-Les-Mallets
Clay-limestone soil

The Aube terroir is unique. It is created by a particular climate, strongly influenced by the Langres plateau, and a soil composed of clay-limestone parent rock.

In the Côte des Bar, don't look for chalk... there isn't any! This terroir is more like Chablis than Reims.

About this house

Cordeuil Père & Fille is a family-run business, now cared for by the 3rd generation. Being environmentally conscious, half of our vineyard is fully certified organic as of 2019.

We prefer champagnes aged in our cellars for at least 6 years.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our cellars to taste the fruits of our labor.

L'Accord Parfait

Between Champagne and its dish

Champagne Aperitif Plate


This champagne is the perfect accompaniment to your aperitifs, thanks to its structured aromas and long finish.

Champagne dinner plate


An excellent Champagne to enhance your pork or fatty fish dishes, such as salmon or braised ribs.

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