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v.Clicquot Ice Jacket


In 2022, the Clicquot Ice Jacket has been redesigned with a more sustainable approach, and is now made from 100% recycled plastic. Still functional and now more environmentally friendly, this new Ice Jacket is designed using a revolutionary technology: "3D knitting". This process limits any excess material, as only the necessary fabric is used.



Expert opinion

Discover the note





The Structure

Discover the structure of this Champagne


Harmonious balance between the various components of acidity.


Supple, easy-drinking champagne, the acidity doesn't clash with the palate.


Generous champagne with great intensity.

Long on the palate

Champagne aromas linger on the palate.



Tiny bubbles permeate Veuve Clicquot Carte Jaune's bright golden-yellow color.


On the nose, aromas of peaches and raisins reflect the grape varieties, while ageing brings out notes of vanilla and toasted brioche.


Fresh and full-bodied, Carte Jaune brut is structured with strong acidity and a hint of minerality.


Discover the DNA of this wine


This emblematic Champagne draws its structure from the predominant presence of Pinot Noir, the roundness of Meunier and the elegance of Chardonnay. The grapes come from 50 to 60 crus, and the blend includes 25 to 45% reserve wines aged for up to 15 years.

About this house

The Veuve Clicquot estate covers 393 hectares of land, exclusively devoted to growing grapes to supply the house. The vineyards are well distributed throughout the finest crus, including 12 of the 17 Grands Crus and 18 of the 44 Premiers Crus.

Its viticultural characteristics and the quality of the grapes obtained have resulted in an exceptional average classification of almost 96%. Most of the vines are planted on hillsides, benefiting from shallow soil and optimal sunshine.

L'Accord Parfait

Between Champagne and its dish


The freshness of this champagne is a perfect match for the simple flavors of pan-fried scallops in a citrus condiment.


Accompany pan-fried red mullet or sautéed white-fleshed fish with the well-structured Veuve Clicquot Carte Jaune.

Chef's word


Plants are at the heart of the dishes in my restaurant, the key element in the composition and creation of my recipes. It's the element that determines which fish or meat is best suited to create emotion. A world where I create experiences using what nature provides. This experience will awaken all the sens.Autour of "La Table de Marcel", the "Garden Gastronomy" will be integrated around 6 to 8 mouthfuls, flights of flavors, in agreement with La Grande Dame de la Maison Veuve Clicquot. These mouthfuls will vary according to the abundance of the vegetable garden and the seasons. "La Table de Marcel" is not experimental, but experiential!

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