Philippe Lancelot - The bottom of the boat

Philippe Lancelot
Le Fond du Bateau 2018 (EN)


The cuvée le fond du Bâteau of Champagne Philippe Lancelot is a parcel of land located below the place called 'Montaigu' and its famous hunting lodge. It is a land of pinot noir, known until the beginning of the 19th century, reputed for a subtlety equal if not superior to that of Aÿ. Nowadays, delicacy, white version... a rather... feminine.

On the nose, it all starts with citrus, a hint of sea breeze, damp earth and torrefaction (toasted bread and smoke). As it gets air, it blossoms: rich citrus, pear, autolysis and toasted notes, preserved lemon and cinnamon. Mesmerizing. The palate hits with chiseled, bright citrus acidity, medium but pure fruit concentration and a long mineral and slightly puckering bitter lemon zest finish. One word: wonderful.


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