Rosé de Saignée -  Champagne René Rutat

Michel Rutat
Rosé de Saignée (EN)


A year, a character, an experience.

100% Pinot Noir from Vertus, rigorous monitoring of maceration to extract the fruitiness and color of the grapes.

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Champagne Note 90

The Structure

Discover the structure of this Champagne


Harmonious balance between the various components of acidity.


Supple, easy-drinking champagne, the acidity doesn't clash with the palate.


Generous champagne with great intensity.

Long on the palate

Champagne aromas linger on the palate.


The color is pink, sustained and brilliant.

The nose is fruity and powerful, with notes of Morello cherry.

On the palate, the attack is frank and lively, revealing powerful red fruit aromas. Great complexity and balance on a fresh, gourmet finish.


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Côte des Blancs

This champagne is made from 100% Pinots Noirs from Vertus.

Conversion to organic viticulture.

Ruinart the oldest Champagne house

About this house

Champagne Michel Rutat is a brand developed by Champagne Rutat.

For 4 generations, the passion for vines and wine has been handed down from father to son. Flavien and Baptiste, who represent the 5th generation of Artisan Vignerons, invite you to join them in discovering the vineyards of Champagne René RUTAT.

"Our vines draw their energy from the limestone soils of the Côte des Blancs to give typicity and character to our Cuvées. The return to working the soil to ensure its maintenance has encouraged our vines to anchor their roots more deeply. Convinced that the soil of Vertus is the source of the aromatic palette of our Champagnes, we limit our interventions to maintain the natural balance and preserve the life of our soils. "

L'Accord Parfait

Between Champagne and its dish

Champagne Aperitif Plate


This Rosé de Saignée is the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes in sauce, such as rack of lamb or duck breast with cranberries.

Champagne dinner plate


A fruity Champagne that will enhance your fruit-based desserts, such as a red fruit charlotte.

Chef's word

L'arcane cuvée Ruinart blanc de blancs

The Blanc de blancs cuvée (in organic conversion) from Champagne René Rutat, as well as the Les Grillettes and Rosé de Saignée cuvées from Champagne Michel Rutat can be tasted at the "Les coudes sur la Table" restaurant in Reims.

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