• Victim of its success
Vintage 2006 - Champagne Krug Champagne Krug VINTAGE 2006
Champagne Krug
Vintage 2006

The Krug Champagne House considers that each Vintage expresses the unique character of a particular year. A Krug Millésime brings together the most expressive wines of the same year, enhanced by aging for more than ten years in the cellar.

Each Krug Millésime is different: it is the Music of the Year, transposed into the Krug universe. The House has given the nickname “Capricious Gourmandise” to Krug 2006, a gourmet story full of roundness and elegance.


Victim of its success

The experts' opinion

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Champagne Krug Vintage 2006 Note 97

The Structure

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Harmonious balance that exists between the different components of acidity.


Soft Champagne easy to drink, the acidity does not hurt the mouth.


Generous champagne, with a great intensity.

Length in mouth

The aromas of Champagne persist in the mouth.

The Tasting

At first sight, the luminous golden color of Krug 2006 evokes a beautiful roundness.

On the nose, one perceives very expressive aromas of yellow fruit, dried fruit, roasted almonds, hazelnut, maple syrup, meringue and mandarin liqueur.

It seduces the palate with its generosity, depth, freshness, aromatic persistence and long finish. Notes of nougat, frangipane, Viennese pastry, tarte Tatin, citrus fruits galore accompany a beautiful finish of pink grapefruit peel.

The Composition

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Terroirs Cépages Champagne Krug Vintage 2006

Terroirs & Grape Varieties

2006 was considered a hot and unpredictable year in Champagne, with temperatures regularly reaching 30°C and plenty of rain.

The sun shone during the harvest. As a result, the grapes developed a nice balance, similar to that of 2002 and 1989

Krug Champagne

About this house

The House was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, a non-conformist visionary with an uncompromising philosophy. His dream was to create the best possible Champagne every year, regardless of the annual climatic variations.

With a traditional approach to Champagne making, Joseph Krug decided to go beyond the notion of vintage to create the most generous expression of Champagne each year. He thus founded a House where all Champagnes would be of the same level of distinction

The Perfect Agreement

Between the Champagne and its dish

Assiette Apéritif Champagne

Dish of the World

Krug 2006 goes wonderfully with all types of cuisine, especially the most aromatic. It sublimates the dishes of character, like tajines with candied lemon.

Assiette plat Champagne

Local dish

Local dishes bring out the intense aromas of this 2006 Krug. Opt for a ratatouille, a leg of lamb at seven o'clock or a duck breast grilled on vine shoots.

Chef's word

Chef Arnaud Lallement testifies

"This Grande Cuvée tells me the history of Champagne for one hundred and fifty years. It is a meal wine that triumphs from the aperitif to the dessert. As it opens, its aromas evolve. The freshness and vivacity of the beginning give way to notes of candied citrus, toasted, toasted nuances, which will enjoy the company of a capon stuffed with foie gras and mushrooms or that of a duck with ponzu (citrus and soy reduction)."

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