Cuvée Blanc de Blancs Champagne CarbonCUVÉE BLANC DE BLANCS Carbon

    Champagne Carbon

    Cuvée Blanc de Blancs


    "This Vintage Grand Cru immediately attracts attention."

    This vintage is the result of an exceptional harvest that Carbon wishes to highlight. From the generous slopes of the Grande Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs.
    Solar year in Champagne, 2012 is an opportunity to seize, smaller quantities harvested for an intense quality of flavors.

    Sold in its premium lacquered wooden box.



    The experts' opinion

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    Champagne Note 90

    The Structure

    Discover the structure of this Champagne


    Harmonious balance that exists between the different components of acidity.


    Soft Champagne easy to drink, the acidity does not hurt the mouth.


    Generous champagne, with a great intensity.

    Length in mouth

    The aromas of Champagne persist in the mouth.

    The Tasting

    The brilliance is transparent on a clear and bright gold.

    The first scents reveal macerated white stone fruits. The intensity then becomes clearer towards candied yellow citrus fruits, white flowers and some aromatic herbs.

    The mouth is unctuous, velvety and slightly honeyed, with a tension in the middle that reminds of granny apples and green citrus. The finish is powdered with chalk, seaweed flavors and lemony graphite perceptions are tasty

    The Composition

    Discover the DNA of this wine



    Marne Valley
    2012, an exceptional year

    A mosaic of terroirs with unique characteristics. Carbon takes care of the three grape varieties that make up Champagne. Grand Cru and Premier Cru for the Chardonnay. Marne Valley for the Pinot Noir, sharing its clay soils with the youngest, the Meunier.

    From the beginning of July, sunny days are important for an exceptional harvest. Moreover, a limited quantity of grapes per vine has favored an exceptional maturity

    About this house

    Carbon has forged a spirit of its own. In a world very normalized by the conventions, we wish to give a singular soul to the Carbon Champagne Universe. It seeks its happiness in the unexpected.

    After days and nights of reflection, the essence of Carbon became obvious. 1095 days of experimentation to create its own identity and obtain a perfect bottle. Each of the vintages is made with fervor by small hands, where the exceptional is hidden in each step, 37 in total. Carbon fiber became the material of choice.

    The Perfect Agreement

    Between the Champagne and its dish

    Assiette Apéritif Champagne


    This champagne is the perfect accompaniment to your fish appetizers, such as a ceviche of scallops

    Assiette plat Champagne

    Fish dishes

    Pair this champagne with a fish dish like a grilled red mullet fillet marinated in thyme and olive oil

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