Comte de Champagne Rosé
Champagne Taittinger
Comtes of Champagne Rosé


Grands Crus - Rosé 2009

Le Comtes de Champagne Rosé reveals to us the surprising beauty of time: the time of waiting for the precious moment when we choose to taste it after long years of maturation; the time of its slow and complex discovery according to the exceptional aromas which are expressed delicately and harmoniously in the glass, and the time of the imperishable memory of our emotions at this moment.

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The experts' opinion

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Champagne Note 90

The Structure

Discover the structure of this Champagne


Harmonious balance that exists between the different components of acidity.


Soft Champagne easy to drink, the acidity does not hurt the mouth.


Generous champagne, with a great intensity.

Length in mouth

The aromas of Champagne persist in the mouth.

The Tasting

Its beautiful maturity makes all the senses vibrate: an elegant dress, of a great brightness with an expressive pink color.

A nose with exhilarating notes of ripe red fruits in their most beautiful aromatic expression, notes of Morello cherry, blood orange and vine peach.

In the mouth, a beautiful chalky acidity and an exquisite freshness reveal a certain aromatic purity, testifying to the ardor expressed in this Comtes de Champagne Rosé.

The Composition

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Côte des Blancs,
Montagne de Reims

The Comtes de Champagne Rosé is elaborated only when the qualitative criteria allow to perpetuate faithfully its writing. It is composed of 30% of Grands Crus of Chardonnay from the most prestigious terroirs of the Côte des Blancs and 70% of Pinots Noirs, from the Grands Crus of the Montagne de Reims. In the assembly are incorporated 15 % of Pinots de Bouzy vinified in red

TAITTINGER maison de Champagne

About this house

The Taittinger family, which has been at the head of the House for nearly a century, has a permanent quest for excellence: "Having the name of our family on a bottle imposes a responsibility and a requirement at every moment. This signature carries both the know-how of the past and the commitment for tomorrow", Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger likes to say.
A commitment that he shares today with his son Clovis and his daughter Vitalie.

The Perfect Agreement

Between the Champagne and its dish

Assiette Apéritif Champagne


Perfect for an exceptional celebration, this champagne is ideal with a starter based on fine shellfish or fatty fish (tuna, salmon etc).

Assiette plat Champagne


We can associate this Champagne Comtes de Champagne with some fatty fish dishes like a roasted sea bass, or with a pork-based dish.

Chef's word

logo restaurent Pouliche

A finalist in the Best Worker of France competition, Amandine Chaignot also competed in a prize that few women have attempted: the Taittinger International Culinary Prize, which she finished in second place. She opened her own restaurant Pouliche, in Paris.
Amandine Chaignot recommends Taittinger Champagne with a Galette des Rois Poultry and Mushrooms.

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