Champagne Dom Pérignon - Vintage 2008

Dom Pérignon
Vintage 2008 (EN)


Dom Pérignon exists only in vintage form. Only the best grapes from a single year are chosen. Each vintage is singular and reinterprets the unique character of the seasons. Dom Pérignon dares not to declare a vintage if the result is not exceptional. After more than eight years in the cellar, the wine reflects the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, its most beautiful promise.

It is Dom Pérignon Vintage, the fullness of harmony.

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Champagne Dom périgon Note 96

The Structure

Discover the structure of this Champagne


Harmonious balance between the various components of acidity.


Supple, easy-drinking champagne, the acidity doesn't clash with the palate.


Generous champagne with great intensity.

Long on the palate

Champagne aromas linger on the palate.


The nose is complex and bright with white flowers, citrus and stone fruit. The freshness of star anise and crushed mint energize the whole. On the breath, spicy, woody and toasty notes finally emerge.

Long introverted, the wine has finally revealed itself. The coherence between nose and palate is perfectly homogeneous. Conical, slender, delicate, tonic, athletic, giving a sensation of warmth. The sound of fruit is strong and clear. The acidity that marked the vintage is remarkably well integrated here. Persistence is essentially aromatic, gray, smoky, pervasive.


Discover the DNA of this wine

Cépages-Champagne Dom Pérignon La Montagne de Reims


The Montagne de Reims

A gray sky hung over the 2008 wine year, so unique in a decade of sunshine and impetuous generosity. When the harvest began, conditions were finally perfect: plenty of sunshine and strong north/north-easterly winds. Ripeness exceeded all expectations, rising with unprecedented balance. Hygiene conditions were beyond reproach.

To the acidity, simplicity and aromatic purity so eagerly awaited from the 2008, Dom Pérignon has added thickness, depth and complexity. The light is softer and warmer.

Champagne House Dom Pérignon

About this house

In 1668, the young Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon was appointed head of Hautvillers Abbey in the Champagne region.

He succeeded in transforming the wine into champagne, which has since embodied the original and mysterious characteristics of champagne wine creation.

Dom Pérignon has an unwavering commitment: each vintage reflects the uniqueness of that year.

With each vintage, Dom Pérignon pursues its profound aesthetic ideal: to create and reveal the harmony of a constantly evolving nature.

L'Accord Parfait

Between Champagne and its dish

Champagne Aperitif Plate


With its dual character, this Vintage 2008 champagne is fresh and warm. It will be the perfect accompaniment to your aperitifs, to awaken your guests' taste buds.

Champagne dinner plate


The effervescence of this 2008 vintage is enhanced and intensified by cooked and raw dishes, such as meat or seafood. Opt for salmon rillettes with saffron.

Champagne cheese plate

Meat dish

The effervescence of this 2008 vintage is enhanced and intensified by its spicy notes, which densify the wine. We therefore recommend a red or white meat dish.

Chef's word

Chef Marco Fadiga prepared shrimp crackers to accompany the cuvée Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008, a romantic champagne, elegant, long and above all easy to drink.

It's a lively champagne that's already very pleasant as an aperitif, and excellent with a starter or a meat, shellfish or fish dish.

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