"Champagne Philipponnat is a champagne house renowned for its exceptional expertise and production of wines of excellence. This article will help you discover the secrets of this prestigious brand, its history, its philosophy and its exceptional cuvées."

The history of the Maison Philipponnat

The origins of the family

The Philipponnat family has been present in the Champagne region since the 16th century. Its roots date back to 1522, when the family's ancestors settled in Aÿ, a village renowned for its exceptional terroir and the quality of its wines. Over the centuries, the family acquired a solid reputation thanks to its winegrowing expertise and keen sense of commerce.

The creation of the Champagne House

Maison Philipponnat was founded in 1910, when Pierre Philipponnat acquired parcels of vines in the region's finest crus. He then set about developing his own champagne, emphasizing the quality and authenticity of his wines.

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Development and international recognition

Over the decades, Philipponnat has enjoyed growing success, establishing itself as a benchmark in the world of champagne. It is particularly renowned for its Cuvée Royale Réserve, which has won over champagne lovers the world over.

Champagne philosophy Philipponnat

Commitment to quality

Champagne Philipponnat is driven by a constant quest for quality, which translates into a rigorous selection of grapes and meticulous work on the elaboration and blending of wines. The company is also committed to respecting the environment and local viticultural traditions.

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Passing on know-how

Champagne Philipponnat 's expertise is handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing the durability of its unique style and the continuity of its excellence. This transmission of know-how is at the heart of the House's philosophy, which relies on the talent and passion of its winemakers to produce exceptional champagnes.

Champagne terroirs and vineyards Philipponnat

"Champagne terroirs and vineyards Philipponnat

Champagne Philipponnat 's vineyards are located on exceptional terroirs, giving its wines remarkable quality and typicity. Key parcels include Clos des Goisses, a locality renowned for its limestone soils and ideal exposure.

Grape varieties and growing methods

The vineyards of Champagne Philipponnat are mainly planted with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes. The House favors a respectful approach to the environment, notably by promoting biodiversity and the use of gentle growing methods.

Champagne champagnes Philipponnat

The classic range

The classic Philipponnat Champagne range includes several emblematic cuvées, such as Royale Réserve, available in Brut, Non Dosé and Demi-Sec versions. These champagnes are made from a blend of wines from different years and different Champagne terroirs.

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Champagne Millisimé Philipponnat

Exceptional vintages

Champagne Philipponnat also offers exceptional cuvées, made from grapes from specific parcels or exceptional harvests. These include Clos des Goisses, a single-varietal, vintage champagne, and rare, confidential champagnes such as Extra Brut Mareuil-sur-Aÿ.

How Champagne is made Philipponnat


The vinification of Champagne Philipponnat champagnes calls on ancestral know-how and modern techniques, in order to preserve the quality of the grapes and best express the typicity of the terroirs. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats or oak barrels, depending on the cuvée.

Blending and ageing

The blending of Champagne Philipponnat champagnes is a subtle art, based on the selection of the best basic wines and the complementarity of grape varieties, terroirs and vintages. The wines are then matured in vats or oak barrels, before undergoing a second fermentation in the bottle, followed by ageing on laths.

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Champagne tasting Philipponnat

Food and champagne pairings

Thanks to their elegance and aromatic complexity, Philipponnat champagnes are ideal for a wide range of food and wine pairings. They are the perfect accompaniment to seafood, fish, white meats, cheeses and fruity desserts.

Tasting tips

To fully appreciate champagnes from Philipponnat, we recommend serving them at a temperature of between 8 and 10°C, in glasses suitable for tasting. The bottle should be opened with care, to preserve the aromas and the finesse of the bubbles

Events and partnerships
de Champagne Philipponnat

Events organized by the Maison

Champagne Philipponnat regularly organizes prestigious events, such as tastings, wine and food pairing dinners, and tours of its cellars and vineyards. These events allow champagne lovers to discover the world of the Champagne House and share exceptional moments.

Partnerships with institutions and personalities

Champagne Philipponnat is also committed to partnerships with cultural, sporting and gastronomic institutions, in order to promote the French art de vivre and support projects that share common values. The House also collaborates with influential personalities in the world of wine and gastronomy.

Champagne awards and distinctions Philipponnat

Medals and evaluations

Champagne Philipponnat champagnes regularly win awards at international competitions and tastings, testifying to their quality and excellence. They have been awarded gold and silver medals, as well as top marks in guides and specialized magazines.

Visit the Champagne cellars and vineyards Philipponnat

Champagne guided tours Philipponnat

Champagne Philipponnat offers guided tours of its cellars and vineyards, to share its expertise and reveal the secrets of its champagnes. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and learn about the various stages in the winemaking process.

Tastings and workshops

In addition to the guided tours, Champagne Philipponnat offers tastings and themed workshops, which enable visitors to deepen their knowledge of champagnes and develop their tasting skills.

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Buying and tasting Champagne Philipponnat

Sales outlets and online store

Champagne Philipponnat champagnes are available at numerous points of sale, including wine merchants, Michelin-starred restaurants and specialized online boutiques such as Pépites en Champagne. The House also has an online boutique, making it easy to order champagnes.

Boxes and limited editions

For gift-giving or indulgence, Champagne Philipponnat offers gift boxes and limited editions, showcasing its exceptional vintages and expertise. These original, refined creations are an invitation to discovery and tasting. In conclusion, Champagne Philipponnat is an emblematic Champagne House, seductive by its history, its philosophy and its exceptional wines. Thanks to its ancestral know-how and commitment to quality, it embodies the elegance and expertise of a grand cru.

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