A selection of the 10 most expensive champagnes in the world

Champagne is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. It is usually served chilled and has a sweet taste. Champagne is sold all over the world, but only the Champenois vineyards produce the highest quality Champagnes.

Dom Perignon - 10 000 euros per bottle

Dom Perignon was one of the first winemakers to use yeast to make wine. He also invented sparkling wine by adding sugar to his wine before bottling it. His name became synonymous with champagne because he was the first to bottle his wine under the name "champagne".

Krug - 7,500 euros per bottle

Krug is known as the house of Dom Pérignon. It was founded in 1829 by Nicolas Gachard, who had been a sommelier at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris. After tasting a vintage of Dom Perignon, he decided to start making his own wines.

Bollinger - 6,000 euros per bottle

Bollinger is one of the oldest existing champagne houses. Its first vintage was produced in 1795. Today, the company produces more than one million bottles per year.

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut (1947) - €6800 per bottle

The Louis Roederer Cristale Brut 1947 is an exceptional vintage with notes of citrus, apple blossom, honeysuckle and white flowers.

Moët & Chandon Imperial Vintage (1946) - 6 400 euros per bottle

Moët & Chanson Imperial Vintage 1946 is an exceptional wine with notes of citrus, apple, pear and spices. It is aged in oak barrels for 12 years before being bottled.